Tucson Mission Network

Breakfast Preparation

Contact information

Fred G - 299- 7404 (home)

Ted Willis 790-3828 (home)

Ed Segerstrom 296-9898 (home) or 429-3984 (cell) - does not have a key but knows Al and Ted

(Be sure to call before the Mission Network Meeting day to see if Fred or Ted or Ed will be in town to open the door of F building of First Evangelical Free Church at 6:30 a.m., or to be sure one of them appoints someone to do it.)

Number of attenders

Approximately 30 people


Coffee can be made after arrival.  Begin making it at 6:30 and it will be ready. Coffee for Mission Network Breakfast should be in large refrigerator in kitchen. Carefully follow instructions in top drawer under the large coffee makers for 36 cups of coffee. I (Beth) usually use the regular coffee in the refrigerator for the large coffee maker. I usually make one smaller pot of decaffeinated coffee (also in refrigerator) in smaller coffee maker.  Coffee urns can be used that are in the cupboards for regular, decaf, and hot water. 

Check list

There is a box with supplies from previous breakfasts which may contain some of these items. If not, you would need to purchase more.

Things to do the day (night) before

Cut up all bread and muffins

Things to do Monday Morning

1. Start coffee

2. Set up fruit, pastry and utensil tables

3.  Put donation basket out, and write "$3 per person" on a paper near the basket

4. Set up drink table: coffee, hot water, tea bags, juice, coffee cups, juice cups, coffee mate, sugar, ice water