Tucson Mission Network

Prayer Requests & Announcements

April 11, 2005

Please pray forů



Coming Up
Fabulous 50s Fundraiser at the Z Mansion for the Giving Tree Outreach Program. - Tuesday, April 12th from 5 to 10 PM.  The Z Mansion is located at 288 N. Church downtown.  Call Libbie Wright 304-4232 for more information.
Pray for
The vision of Ephraim E., President of the International Bible Academy for children to be raised up and trained to become Christian pastors when they are grown. 
Missionary kids, who are often overlooked and whose lives can be especially challenging.
Our friends in the hospital:
a) Homer Grob at TMC - pray for him and his wife Hilda
b) Betty Bitgood's husband at the VA Hospital
Ministry to incarcerated boys, and the book ministry, at Catalina Mountain School.  Lots of changes there right now.
Taiwanese student who came to Christ here has shared his faith with his Buddhist parents, who have been visiting him in Tucson.  They are returning to Taiwan soon.  Pray for faith to continue growing in all their hearts.
Pray for these teams getting ready to go overseas:
a) team of 12 going to Brazil soon (Dean S.'s church)
b) International Turkey Network team traveling in Turkey May - June
c) team from Northminster to Malawi - in development stages
d) post-Tsunami teams being received right now in Indonesia
Kevin, who has been on the ground in Indonesia doing post-Tsunami work.  He is suffering fatigue and has health concerns.
Elinor M., who goes to Thailand the week of April 18th, to relieve a Wycliffe accountant.  She needs grace to finish the 50 tax returns on her desk due Friday.
Gardners, as they travel to missionary care meetings in Germany and Thailand beginning April 15th.  Pray for health, vigor, travel mercies, and wisdom as they share with people.)
Compassion Weekend at Pantano the last week of April.  Pray that many will respond to the opportunity to love a child to Jesus through sponsorship.
Bruce S. asks for prayer for his partnership development (prayer and support raising) for his work with Wycliffe.  Also for El Camino as the church embarks on a new missions direction, and for deeper prayer commitment in the church.
Renee G's missions ministry in the PCUSA
Fellowship of Christian Athletes, and Tom B. who works with them here.
Continued growth at Rivers Edge church, and effectiveness as they reach out to their neighbors.
1st Baptist Church as they go through reorganization
More prayer in our lives and in our churches.  Consider joining or forming a prayer group!
Praise God for:
a) a great Total It Up, and the many participants who attended
b) the 225 volunteers who came to help at SIL.  Thanks to their efforts there is now scripture on the Web in Mexico!
c) Libby Wright's leadership in compassionate ministry in our city through the Giving Tree Outreach Program and the Grace Home.
d) God's provision of a building for the Giving Tree Outreach Program.  Pray for help in refurbishing the building.
e) The Christian Association for Psychological Studies may include a missions track in their next national meeting, thanks to the opportunitiy the Lord gave the Gardners to speak to them at this year's meeting.
a) The Next Christendom, by Philip Jenkins.