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Here's how you can connect to the ministries of the innovative leaders who have spoken at past Tucson Mission Network breakfasts:

Future Speakers 

If you know a stand-up comic or a missional leader who will be within a light year of Tucson and could possibly speak to a focused theme of interest to people with a passion for global and urban outreach at a future Tucson Mission Network breakfast... 

please let us know.  



Jim Wyly
New Tribes Mission
It Takes a Team

February 2012


Andrew C
Summer Institute of Linguistics
Experiences in Central Asia

January 2012


Paul Giacomini
LEAD - Language, Education & Development
Overcoming Poverty, Illiteracy, and Discrimination through Community-Based Development

November 2011


Scott Allen

Disciple the Nations Alliance

Striking the Balance between Gospel Sharing and Social Justice

October 2011


Jack Voelkel
Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship

Latin America - A Mission Field or a Mission Force?

September 2011


Jeff Jackson
Cross-Connection International Fellowship

Helping Refugees Start Their Own Churches – and Preparing Them for Second Generation Challenges

May 2011


Tim Brown

As You Go, Make Disciples

April 2011


Mike Alameda
Corazón Ministries,

Maneuvering through Political Mine Fields in Missions

March 2011


Tory Ruark
DELTA Ministries

How Much Risk Is Too Much Risk in Short-Term Mission?

February 2011


Joe Hill

Spiritual Warfare in Mission: The Devil is in the Details

January 2011


Olivia Seagle

The Internet Revolution:  Opportunities and Challenges for Global Mission Personnel

November 2010


Alex T
OMF International

The Worldview Clash with Islam when Christ-Followers Bring Relief and Love to the Suffering

October 2010


Carolyn Martin
 International Turkey Network


Empowering Illiterate Kurdish Women through Oral Bible Teaching

 September 2010


Jim Lindgren
Window of Hope
U.S. Standards of Excellence in Short-Term Mission


Harnessing the Power of Collaboration to Bring Healing to the Nations

 May 2010


Doug Sparks
Development Associates International

Post-Modernity and the Changing Nature of Missions

 April 2010


Laura Mae Gardner
Wycliffe Bible Translators

Forecast for Missions 2010-2015:  New Opportunities and Challenges

March 2010


Terry Dalrymple
Global CHE Network

 I met Jesus in the Village: Lessons from the Village for the Church Worldwide

February 2010


Tim Brown
formerly of Scriptures in Use

 Sustaining New Church Planting Movements for the Long Haul 

January 2010


Okongo Samson

 Recruiting Workers to Finish the Task

November 2009


Tory Ruark
DELTA Ministries International

Does Your Short-Term Trip Measure Up?

October 2009 


Jonathan Roe
Mission Increase

Leading Workers and Volunteers to Take Full Ownership in the Cause

September 2009


David Thoresen
Pantano Christian Church

 Community Health Evangelism - Christian Development:  Empowering Nationals to Transform their Communities

May 2009


Larry Walker

 Mobilizing the Whole Congregation:  How Do We Organize Church Volunteers and Staff In Order to Involve the Maximum Number in Mission?

April 2009


Carol Davis
Global Spectrum and Executive Director of LeafLine Initiatives

Activating the Entire Capacity of the Church – Connections, Expertise, and Professions


March 2009

Harry Larson

Peer-to-Peer Cross-Cultural Evangelism:  Business, Educational, Medical, and Agricultural Professionals Take the Lead

February 2009


Tory Ruark
DELTA Ministries International

Re-Entry:  Leading Goers to Long-Term Life Change After Their Short-Term Experience

January 2009 


Barb DeWald
Standards of Excellence in Short-Term Mission

Using Best Practices to Design Maximum Impact Short-Term Trips

November 2008


How the Changing Status of Relief and Development Organizations in Russia and Central Asia is Impacting One Tucson Family Serving There


October 13, 2008



Lay Trip Leaders from Tucson Marilyn T, Donna G, Mary S, Ray R

Leading Effective Short-Term Trips

September 2008


Meg Crossman
Pathways to Global Understanding

May 2008

Elmer Yazzie

God As Artist, Man As Artist, and Life As Art:  Using Art to Share Jesus Across Cultures 

April 2008


Heather Hicks
Food for the Hungry

Is God Challenging Our Assumptions of Mission?  Beyond Personal Conversion to Community Transformation

March 2008


Bob Blincoe


The Sometimes Delicate Relationship Between Local Churches and Mission Agencies:  How Luther and Calvin Gave Us Half a Reformation


February 2008


Frank Martin
International Turkey Network 

Leadership Development in the Middle Eastern and Mslim Context

January 2008


Debi Clift0n 
Grace Community Church

How One Local Church Creatively Cares for Her Missionaries

November 2007


Dr. Bruce Swanson
Summer Institute of Linguistics
International Academic Affairs Training Division


Five Invisible Skills that Make or Break Missionaries



October 2007 


Cherie Gray
Tucson Refugee Ministry


The Controversy over Insider Movements:
New Believers Serving Jesus from Within their Hindu, Mus1im, or Buddhist Community


September 2007



Case Study of a Family Living and Serving in the Middle East with a Medical Platform

 May 2007


 Sam Talbert
E3 Partners

Short-TermTrips for Face to Face Evangelism

April 2007


 Dr. Ron Blue
Dallas Seminary, CAM International

An Audacious Goal? Finishing the Task in Our Generation

March 5, 2007

Mike Latsko

How Can We Lead Non-Goers into Meaningful Missions Participation?

January 2007

Dick and Laura Mae Gardner

The Evolution of Missions and What that Means to Us in Tucson

Wycliffe Bible Translators

November 2006


Dennis Wiens

The Impact of Media Outreach to the Middle East and North Africa

October 2006

Panel:  Missionary Education and Training in the 21st Century

Tom Wisley (EduVenture)

Tim Brown (AmeriTribes)

September 2006


Huron Claus

Contextualizing the Gospel Among Native Peoples in the 21st Century

May 2006


Shane Bennett
Caleb Project
Short-Term Mission Projects that are Domestic and Unreached-Focused

April 2006


George Walker
Worldview Resource Group

March 2006


Larry Walker

Managing Missions:  How Can We Move Beyond "Top-Down" to Organic Leadership?


February 2006


Glen Elliott
Pantano Christian Church


Brokenness: The Missionary Way

January 2006


Buingo Mateene and Nick Beezhold
Partners in Christ International

Hope for Africa: 
The Initiative of National Leaders for the Whole Church of Africa

November 2005


Heather Hicks
Harvest Foundation

Maximizing the Momentum of a Short-term Mission Experience: How Do We Bring The Mission Home to Our Communities? 

October 2005


Panel:  Serving Refugees in the United States

Jim and Joyce Park (Wycliffe) and Yurika Hasagawa (Navigators)

May 2005


Dick Elkins

Avoiding Dependency

April 2005


John RowellMRNI

Why Self-support is the not the Key to Modern Missiology

March 2005


Harry L

Can the Local Church in Her Present Culture Produce the Kingdom Professionals Needed to Finish the Task?

February 2005



SE Asia Case Study:  Mobilizing the National Church to Reach the Muslims in their Backyard

January 2005


 S D Ponraj

Maintaining Relationships with Mission Partners on the Other Side of the World

Bihar Outreach Network

November 2004



Ministering to Muslims in Tucson - panel discussion PLUS What Does an Indigenous Muslim Church look like?

October 2004


Harold Yu

Back to Jerusalem - the Vision of the Chinese Church to Send out 10,000 Missionaries

September 2004



People Group Reports from Worldwide Perspectives class

May 2004

Brian International Mission Board

Worship Evangelism in the Hindu Context

April 2004



Redemptive Analogies in the Koran

March 2004

Jon HardinCaleb Project

Smartening Up Our Mobilization Message

February 2004

David Slottje
Global Mission Fellowship

Dog and Cat Theology

January 2004

How Mission Agencies Do Missionary Care - Panel

Larr1e Gardner, Wycliffe Bible Translators

Bruce B

Anne Childs, AmeriTribes

November 2003


Ed & Kathy Opp*nh**zen

Using Business Platforms to Serve in Restricted Access Countries

October 2003



Sam Santana

Mark Peterson

Henry Botello


Doing Church and Outreach on Tucson's South Side


September 2003



Normal Tucson People Serving Our City's Urban Poor

Amazing Stories or Urban Outreach

May 2003



Dorothy Mathieson

Serving the World's Urban Poor

April 2003


John Perkins

Christian Community Development

March 2003



Erik Powell, Missionary

Victor Pinzón, Pastor

John Fitzgerald, U.S. Border Patrol

Angela Donelson HUD with border communities


Redeeming the U.S.-Mexico Border

February 2003  



Identifying Tomorrow's Global Workers Today

January 2003


Malcolm Hartnell

The Challenges of Ministering to Non-Literate People Groups

October 2002



view discussion document

Huron Claus (CHIEF

Bob Schall (Papago Assemgly of God)

Art Wilson (Papago Assembly of God)

Dean Saxton (SIL) 

Tim Brown (AmeriTribes)

Sonny Lomadofkie


 Effective Native American Ministry

September 2002 


Dave Buckert (Southwest Border District, Evangelical Free Church of America)

Tim Brown (AmeriTribes)

Tim Brown (Pantano Christian)

David Mann (Catalina Baptist Association)

Roberto Morales (Primera Iglesia Bautista)

Ron Newberg (Wycliffe)


Strategic Mexico Partnerships

May 2002

Lincoln Murdoch
Antioch Network

Amazing Kingdom Partnerships for Afghanistan

April 2002

Sandy Winter

Caring for our Overseas and Urban Workers

March 2002

Erik Powell 
Asociación Misionera de México 

Biblical Balance between Humanitarian and Evangelism Strategy

February 2002


Susan Stacey
Fountain of Hope


Strategies for Community Transformation - Blessing the Urban Poor

January 2002 


Tim Brown


From Paternalism to Partnership:  A Case Study of work with the Navajo


November 2001 



Frank Martin (Saguaro Canyon Ev.Free), 

Donna Gudgel (Pantano Christian)

  Wade Remer (Wycliffe

Marilyn Tolson (Casas)


Effective Short-Term Trips


October 2001




Randy Reynolds, Leo Sheehan, Grace Hegel, John Benson, Susan Hawk, Mike Alameda


Transforming Urban Communities


May 2001


Jim Bowman
Scriptures in Use


India Bihar Outreach Network

Partnering to plant churches in India through Scripture storytelling in the native language of each people group. 


April 2001


Julie Brown
AmeriTribes & KidsPray


Giving Children a World Vision


March 2001


Kathy Giske
Presbyterian Frontier Fellowship


Priorities for Global Outreach in the New Millenium


February 2001


Donald McCurry
Ministry to Muslims (Colorado Springs, CO) 


Harvest and Opposition in Muslim Fields


January 2001 


Luis Palau Multi-Cultural Team 

(coordinated by Mike Alameda) 

Partnering with Ethnic Churches in Global Work

November 2000


JK and Andy Jackson

International Turkey Network

Word of Grace Church

Taking Ministry Networks to the Next Level 

October 2000


Jim Bowman

Scriptures in Use

Using Storytelling to Communicate Christ with other Cultures

September 2000


Kit Danley

Neighborhood Ministries, Inc.

Untapped Models for Blessing the Urban Poor 

May 2000


Gary Wittevrongel

Antioch Network

Local Cross-Cultural Works Linked to Overseas Ministry

April 2000


Sarah Congdon 

World Concern

Mobilizing Children to Pray for Children at Risk

March 2000 


Gary Barnes


How to Train Workers for the Unfinished Task

February 2000 


Steve Moore

Top Flight Leadership

Emerging Young Leaders

How to Diagnose Your Missions Paradigm so People will Respond to Global Opportunities

January 2000 


Mike Alameda 

Corazón Ministries

How Established Churches can Partner With and Mobilize Smaller Churches for World Outreach

November 1999


Amy Barstad


How to Mobilize Young Adults for World Outreach

October 1999


John Tuitele

Prayer for the Persecuted Church

How to Mobilize Prayer for Our Suffering Brothers and Sisters

September 1999